Saturday, December 20, 2014

That Thing

I don't know what it's called...

That thing that pulls me out of bed in the morning

Fries me two eggs

Throws me in the cold water at 5am

Makes my legs kick until they burn, then kick some more

Makes my face scrunch up into something fierce as I pour in every last ounce of myself

Picks me up from my desk

Puts my swim bag on my back

Marches me down to the pool to do it all over again

Crams me in my practice suit

Makes me do that next fifty when I swear this is the end of my life

When my heart beats so hard I can check my pulse without my fingers

Puts my hand in the water correctly even though my shoulder is almost broken

Makes me laugh and cry

Bonds me with my teammates

Makes me doubt and dream, fail and succeed

Makes me wonder how I got here, one year later

I don't know what it is, but I call it fire.

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